Our Insulation Standards

In recent years environmentally conscious architecture aspires to reduce heating and cooling costs to be more economical and protect the earth. Thermal insulation dramatically decreases these costs.
Heat naturally moves from warm to cool places, meaning that in the summer it will try to infiltrate and in the winter – to escape. Insulation is meant to prevent this waste of energy.
Insulation is measured with the U-value. Minimal requirements for efficient insulation solutions are legally regulated in Europe, but not in Israel. Our wooden windows are manufactured in Europe and comply with the European standard.

Our Environmental Standards

At Noga Nagarut we believe protecting the earth is of utmost importance. We use specialized techniques to utilize every piece of wood as much as possible and avoid waste of this vital, dwindling resource. To maximize utilization we cut the wood into thin slices and attach them to each other with environmentally friendly glue.
The slicing process allows us to monitor the use of the wood and carefully inspect the condition of the trunk, including moisture levels and interior condition to avoid cracks.
Our preservatives and pesticides are all considered environmentally friendly. Our wood is grown within a 50 km radius from the factory and allows us to minimize the use of trucks for transportation. Our painting process is made up of seven coats of paint to protect the wood and penetrate it with environmentally friendly water based and chemical free paint. The paint isn’t volatile, preventing damage to the ozone.
Water based paint is better for the wood and absorbs uniformly in comparison to more harmful turpentine based paint.

Acoustic Insulation for Wooden Windows

In recent decades, city centers became a lot noisier. Windows are the main potential source of noise infiltration from the street, meaning a higher level of insulation is essential for our quality of life.
Acoustics are measured in decibels. According to Israeli standards, the minimal requirement of noise reduction for buildings is measured at 24 decibels. Acoustic materials for window frames, however, still don’t always meet the demands of both architects and residents.
At Noga Nagarut we’ve established our noise reduction minimum at 32 decibels by gluing double and even triple glass, terracing wood and attaching double rubber seals and an acoustic guillotine (could not find reference for the correct term) – Providing a practical solution for optimal noise reduction.

Wooden Window Locks

The need to feel safe while still living in an aesthetically pleasing and modern space requires good window locks. The window locks against the lintel with a press and seal mechanism that allows for hermetic closure while simultaneously protecting you from the rain or wind and reducing noise.
Noga Nagarut provides you with shutters and windows with circumferential locks and doors with either circumferential or multipoint bolt locks

Our Factory

At Noga Nagarut we manufacture a variety of items according to your requirements at our factory in Europe – Windows, lintels, wooden shutters, doors and handles.

The factory is located in an area with the finest oak trees in Europe. Other than the forest, the factory includes any and all necessities such as sawmills, ovens, storage facilities, a production department, a painting area and a packaging area.

Our factory has over 240 workers working two shifts to make sure we’re on schedule and provide our clients with products on time. The factory follows the strict standards of the European Union with regular quality assessments to ensure the best quality products.
Our glass is brought from France, our rubber seals from Austria, our hinges and affixes are custom made per request in Europe and our shutter motors are made by the best shutter manufacturer in the world, SOMFY.
Our engineers ensure that we consistently produce a high quality product that fits any and all standards and requirements.