Come to us with an idea and we will make it a reality

Noga Nagarut designs, manufactures, restores and reconstructs wooden windows and shutters according to the clients’ wishes, with an exceptionally high standard of quality. The meticulous process includes insulation, preparation treatment, painting and product customization to climate conditions and strict international standards.
Our extensive experience with building restoration according to strict standards and specialized techniques allow us to emulate an antiqued look with modern construction standards.

At Noga Nagarut we put emphasis on the little details to provide our clients with the products of their choice. We think of our windows and shutters as a works of art made for clients with higher standards of quality and design.
Noga Nagarut owns a factory in Europe that complies with the strict standards of the European Union. Every single feature of the restoration is produced there so we can create windows, shutters, doors, mail boxes and any design feature in the original building plan in accordance with the clients’ wishes and the absolute best quality.

Noga Nagarut believes in protecting the earth. We make sure our entire production, distribution and installation lines follow the strictest environmental production standards. From growing the trees through processing, gluing and painting, we make sure to use environmentally friendly products that don’t emit any toxic or poisonous materials into the atmosphere, as well as following the standards set by the European Union.

Being meticulous about the strict European quality standards allows us to operate both locally and in different countries in Europe and the United States.

At Noga Nagarut, carpentry is both an art form and a craft – turning any idea into reality.