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The punches are the catchers of the wooden shutters that were common in the old Tel Aviv of the early decades of the twentieth century. The Tel Aviv legend says that it played a much more important role. The mentshalach served as a secret code among the lovers in the city to announce whether the house was empty or that there was someone in the house and that the meeting should be abandoned.

The source of the word is “Adam” in Yiddish, and they are thus called because of their form – figurative characters (both human and animal).

The figures that were common in Israel are of a man wearing an elegant West and a hat and of a woman wearing a wide-brimmed hat lying on her head diagonally and flowering the lapel.
But wandering through the old streets of Tel Aviv, you can find other figures such as a soldier wearing a helmet, or figures of animals such as lions, dogs, dragons and horses.

Your punishment consists of two parts:
The figure – head and neck of a man, woman or animal cast in bronze.
The leg is attached to the “figure” on one side and to the wall on the other, with a special thread. We have opened a thread that allows connection to the wall using today’s methods.

In Israel, the tax is attributed to two architectural periods that decorated the late houses of Jaffa and the Templar neighborhoods and the first homes of Tel Aviv in the neighborhoods of Ahuzat Bayit and Neve Tzedek.

The eclectic style that was common in the 1920s and the Art Deco style that was common in the 1930s. Any architectural style and your own mischief.

For our wing shutters, we regularly add bronze castings, according to the original drawing, manufactured exclusively in our factory. Today, we are considered to be the almost sole supplier who still produces these small pieces of art.

In addition, we offer our bronze pupils as decorative hangers that add a unique and romantic touch to any home decor.