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The Drisco Hotel

In 1868 a group of 157 craftsmen from the state of Maine (US) came to Israel to colonize the land and prepare it for the return of the Jews.
Most of the colony was made up of wooden houses, except for the hotel built by the Drisco brothers names “Grand Hotel”. The hotel was a stone building with three floors.
In 1876 the Templers bought the houses of the colony to build their own colony. The Grand Hotel was purchased by Hardegg, who renovated the hotel and made it more luxurious, renaming it “Jerusalem Hotel”. A small figure of a camel on top of the roof became a known feature of the hotel.
Noga Nagarut restored the hotels’ wooden front door. The restoration was a remarkably accurate replica of the original door, with attention to detail that truly makes it a work of art. We’ve also added wing shutters made of Mernati wood with bronze cast handles.
Project Architecture: Gidi Bar Orian and Moran Palmoni
Restoration Architect: Amnon Bar Or
Project Manager: Haim Russo
Windows, doors and shutters: Noga Nagarut

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