9 Bialik Gross house

Even against the unique houses of Bialik Street, this is an unusual house.

Architect Philippe Heat, combined elements of different styles, usually without any connection to one another, therefore is associated with the eclectic style.

Recently, the building underwent extensive preservation and was purchased by a British family, instead of several families who lived there over the years, and it became a TOWN HOUSE.

At the time, the bookstore “Am Sefer" was located on the ground floor. From here, journals were published and the “Thinking Club" was founded.

Among the intellectuals active here were A.B Yehoshua, Ben-Ami Scharfstein and Amos Oz.

Noga Nagarut returned and manufactured the wooden windows & shutters for the building. Unique carmons and Manschlach, bronze casts were added to give the building a unique and loyal look to the 1930s.

Preservation architect: Bar Orian Architects

The original design architect: Pinchas (Philip) Heat, 1928

Management and supervision: Efrati Madpis

Contractor: Shagrawi Leibowitz Ltd.

Wooden windows and wooden shutters: Noga Nagarut.