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41 Ahad Ha’am St

The building on Ahad Ha’am Street in Tel Aviv is an interesting project that combines restoration of an existing building with a new addition.
The restoration of the windows had to be meticulously executed to fit with both older and newer elements, making the most of the local Tel Aviv style while maintaining adequate insulation and environmental standards fit for modern day residents.
At 41 Ahad Ha’am Street we worked with a type of wood that suits both the character and history of the building and modern construction standards. The complex was built and renewed to become a high quality building with a romantic touch typical of old school Tel Aviv.
Architect: Gidi Bar Orian
Management and Inspection: Rotlevy Engineers Ltd.
Entrepreneurs: Yona Keinan – Ron Keinan
Interior Architecture: B6 Architects
Executive Contractor: Ze’ev Rurman Building and Public Works Ltd.
Simulation: itstudio

Noga Nagarut in the manufacture of doors, windows and wooden blinds that blends in style and color and complements the overall appearance of the building.