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The House At Zikhron Yaakov

The house in Zikhron Ya’akov was built on a big lot with a beautiful view of the sea and the reservation, designed by architect Dubi Witt. The house brings together the surrounding nature and interior space through big open windows.
The house was designed with the environment in mind – Natural materials like stone and wood were used to fit with the rustic style of Zikhron.
The house was built for a family with kids – Every opening was customized for a dynamic family that spends a lot of time outdoors. We made sure to install safety locks and acoustic doors, interior Mashrabiya doors, a big front door, vitrines and wooden shutters.
The wood was chosen to withstand local climate conditions (such as strong winds), since Zikhron is located on top of a mountain near the ocean.

Architect: Dubi Witt

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