Corner of Yefet and Louis Pasteur St. in Jaffa, The French Hospital

On a 20,000 square meters lot, an ambitious and complex restoration is currently underway – The restoration and construction of the Louis Pasteur French Hospital. It was built in 1887 by Francis Gina, a French businessman who fell ill in Israel and managed to recover after receiving attentive care. The hospital is now being turned into a 125 room hotel, with 25 luxury apartments, environmental sculptures and high-end stores.
The buildings’ design was influenced by the French style – Ornate embellishments, stone figurines and floral affixes with hints of an oriental Mediterranean style.
Noga Nagarut restored the original wooden windows with maximal acoustic insulation to reduce noise by 40 decibels, the interior doors and the entrance of the building with wood and the beautiful shutters that appeared in the original French hospital.

Architect: Ramy Gill Architects & Urban Designers
Restoration Architecture: Anna Shifman Architecture and Restoration
Windows and shutters: Noga Nagarut