Sofia Hotel Tiberias

Tiberius was founded in 20 CE by Herod Antipas and was named after the Roman Emperor Tiberius. According to the New Testament, after the establishment of the city Jesus operated in the northern part of the Galilee Sea​​ , and therefore this area is considered sacred to Christianity. Many churches were built in and around Tiberius, and the city became a pilgrimage center.

Together with Jerusalem, Hebron and Safed, Tiberius is considered one of the four holy cities in Jewish history, since most of the Jewish population in the Holy Land settled in these cities from the end of the middle Ages to the 19th century.

During the 18th century, the ruler of the Galilee, Daher al-Omar, fortified the walls of Tiberius. In 1740 Daher Al-Omar invited Rabbi Hayim Abulafia to live in the city, which in subsequent years became a city with a Jewish majority and an important center for the Jewish settlement. During the War of Independence, Tiberius was conquered by “Ha’agana" forces, and the Arab population was evacuated by the British.

Today, Tiberius is considered an important tourist center, based on its proximity to the Sea of Galilee and its religious sanctity both to Judaism and Christianity. The city is also used as a regional industrial and commercial center (Wikipedia source).

The original building of the Sofia Hotel was established at the beginning of the 20th century and is currently undergoing a process of preservation and reconstruction


Noga Nagarut, manufacture of wooden windows &  doors in the project according to the documentation file .

Architect: Feigin

Conservation: Eyal Ziv

Interior Architect: Levin Packer Architects

Illustrations: Ando-Studio