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Rothschild Street

Eran Binderman Architecture & Design Design of Tel – Aviv apartment. In collababoration with Arch.Rama Dotan Photos: Oded Smadar

Noga Nagarut in the manufacture of wooden windows in an apartment located in a building for preservation. In a luxury apartment in a building on Rothschild Street, the architect and owner of the apartment were asked for an acoustic solution. All the windows and exit doors of the balconies were replaced with news that was exactly matched to the old look in the building. The shade of the windows was also adjusted with great precision. The acoustic windows reduced 41dB – compared to 18dB in the original building.

Noga Nagarut can adapt the glass system in any building and facades, as needed, and provides a solution to the preservation specifications, without sacrificing the high quality of noise insulation, climate insulation and high durability of wood and paint in Israeli weather conditions

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