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48 Rothschild

The building was erected in 1933-4 by architect Philip Hitt who designed additional buildings in the area.

The building next to Rothschild 46, “Beit Levin,” where the Russian Embassy and Sotheby’s auction house used to be.

The use of building materials is typical of the Tel Aviv area of ​​the 1930s and includes construction by means of a concrete skeleton of wooden windows and roller blinds stairs made of terrazzo castings.

Noga carpentry in the reconstruction and production of blinds and wooden doors in the structure according to a documentation file.

The windows, shutters, exterior doors, Naga carpentry interior doors and accessories are designed for luxury homes, preservation buildings and buildings that want a meticulous design look.

The products are imported from Europe without compromise quality.

Supervision: Eyal Sarig – project coordination and supervision
Contractor: Shagrai Leibovich Construction Ltd.
Architect: Nathaniel Alfasi
Documentation Architect: Dan, Tamir – Picker Architects

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