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The Abraham Goldberg House - Pinsker 7

This building, located in the heart of the city’s neighborhood today, was built by Abraham and Haya Goldberg in 1933, as a two-story building and a basement floor.

In 1939, the house was expanded and a third floor was built by the homeowners.

The building was designed by architect Shlomo Gaffstein and has characteristics of international style.

The preservation values of the building derive from historical, urban, and architectural aspects.

The triangular fan at the Allenby and the Sea meeting has become a kind of icon engraved in the collective memory. Here was the residence of the First Knesset, where the Israeli Opera was operating, in August 1949 Herzl’s closet was placed in the center of the square and here crowds of people gathered at rallies.

The Hotel Israel at the front of Herbert Samuel, the corner of the Prophet Jonah, was built in 1939 in a completely different style with the desire to build a modern hotel and created a new language that does not relate to the local buildings.

Noga carpentry in the reconstruction and production of blinds and wooden doors in the structure according to a documentation file.

The windows, shutters, exterior doors, Naga carpentry interior doors and accessories are designed for luxury homes, preservation buildings and buildings that want a meticulous design look.

The products are imported from Europe without compromise quality.

Supervision: Itay Gorgani Project Management
Conservation & Documentary Architect: Eyal Ziv Architects
Architect:  Elisha Rubin Architects Ltd
Contractor: Shay Michaeli

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