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Norman Hotel

The luxurious Norman Hotel is made of two buildings.
The building at 23 Nahmani Street was designed by architect M. Charner in 1925. Both eastern and European renaissance influences are apparent in the design on separate floors. The building is made of Silicate and covered in plaster to emulate the local rustic style.

25 Nahmani Street, then the home of Hassia and Isser Romanov, was designed by architect Leon Adler in 1923 and built in 1925. The building had a symmetrical, classic style with a modern touch with straight, simple lines, free of embellishments.

Noga Nagarut was an essential part of this ambitious project. Different windows were restored to fit both the era and the style of both buildings while keeping with the hotel’s requirements – Maximal insulation and noise reduction.
Noga Nagarut restored the windows, the inner and outer doors, unique Harmonica doors, computer monitored acoustic doors and restored handles for each and every door.

Restoration architect: Nitza Szmuk
Architect: Yoav Messer
Inspection: Rotelvy Engineering
Contractor: Shagrawi Leibowitz

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