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Hotel Renoma – Trumpeldor 4-6

The building at 4-6 Trumpeldor St. was built in an eclectic style in the beginning of the 1920’s, with emphasis on the embellished facades.
In the 1940’s the building received a special permit to turn the apartments on the bottom floor into stores, and changes were made to the inner parts.
In the 1980’s the building was declared hazardous and suffered from neglect for years. Noga Nagarut restored the building-turned-hotels’ windows and lintels accurately, all of which were damaged over the years.
Triple windows were installed to reduce noise, Meranti wood wing shutters were restored to suit the local climate and painted seven times to protect the wood and increase its’ longevity, with affixes according to the original samples.

Entrepreneurs: Acropolis Ltd.
Head Architect: Bar Orian Architects
Restoration Architecture: Amnon Bar Or – Tal Gazit Architects
Interior Architecture: Alex Meitlis
Executive Contractor: Shagrawi Leibowitz Construction Ltd.
Windows, doors and shutters: Noga Nagarut