13 Cremieux

The building is located on a street named after Adolf Cremieux, a 19th-century French Jewish statesman.

The building was built in 1935 and was designed by architect A. Mittelman.

The style of the original building is typical of the transition period, between traditional design and local international style.

The building is located at the heart of the city plan, and its main uniqueness is the urban character in which it is located and its role in the urban system.

Noga Nagarut, manufacture of wooden windows & doors in the project according to the documentation file.

The windows, shutters, interior and exterior doors and accessories of Noga Nagarut are designed for luxury homes, preservation buildings and buildings with a meticulous design look. The products are imported from Europe and manufactured in high quality.


 Supervision: Amir MalkinProject Management Ltd.
Contractor: H.R. Rama
Architect: Pardo Architects
Documentary Architect: Hadas Rix