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Chelouche Alley 25

Neve Tzedek is Tel Aviv’s first neighborhood even though it has never been so defined. It is a neighborhood of Jaffa and built like the 19th century Jaffa neighborhoods when it became too crowded, the Arabs went south towards Ajami and Jabalia and Jaffa Jews to Neve Tzedek. This house was characterized by the style of construction that was common at that time in Templar construction: construction was, as was customary at the time, stone construction, with the motifs of which included European German motifs combined with Eastern arch motifs. Among the common features was the gable of the house, found in almost all the Templar buildings, an inscription in the doorway – usually a quote from the Bible meaningful to the family living in the house, as well as a porch over the doorway. This house had wooden windows installed on the light rail project to reduce the amount of noise and raise Noga Carpentry was selected to carry out all acoustic reduction work in the timber windows of the Community. Significant reduction of 39dB by double locking system and special glazing. The windows, shutters, exterior doors, Naga carpentry interior doors and accessories are designed for luxury homes, preservation buildings and buildings that want a meticulous design look. Products are imported from Europe without compromise.

Photo: Shay Gil

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