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4 Allenby

Prior to General Allenby’s first visit to Israel, at the end of Ottoman rule, Allenby Street was named “The Sea road”. On the occasion of the general’s visit, the Jews wanted to give him respect and changed the name of the street to his name.

The building, which was built in the 1920s, at 4 Allenby Street in Tel Aviv, is a traditional 3-story building above a commercial floor.

For many years and until recently, the building functioned as a hotel “Monopol”.

The entrepreneur – A’hachim Nakash, are currently working on the establishment of a new 30-room boutique hotel, also called The Monopol Hotel.

Noga Nagarut, manufacture of wooden windows & doors in the project according to the documentation file.

The windows, shutters, interior and exterior doors and accessories of Noga Nagarut are designed for luxury homes, preservation buildings and buildings with a meticulous design look. The products are imported from Europe and manufactured in high quality.


Supervision: Nahum Yaniv Project Management
Conservation Contractor: Avner Gilad Building Conservation and Restoration
Architect: Feigin Architects
Conservation Architect: Eyal Ziv Architects
Interior Design: Morel Hurmero
Illustrations: Yamit Productions

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