9 Allenby St

Allenby Street was built in 1911, named after General Allenby after the city was conquered. The street starts right at the beach and goes all the way through to the city center.
The building on Allenby Street was built in 1936. Since then it’s been renovated several times, mostly on the ground floor, yet it still retains the authentic look of the original building.
The challenge in the restoration of this building was to retain its original pleasant simplicity with authentic architectural elements.
Noga Nagarut gave the building a fresh look using high quality materials with resistance to moisture and sea salt as well as proper insulation against noise and pollution.
Choosing the right type of wood and processing it correctly proved essential to the entire restoration with the buildings’ unique location and surrounding environmental conditions.

Initial Planning: Tal Eyal
Project Architect: Molco-B
Executive Contractor: Nakash & Naman
Inspection: Yossi Sapir

Noga Nagarut in the manufacture of doors, windows and wooden shutters that blends in style and color and complements the overall appearance of the building.

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