5 Hermon

Ha’hermon no. 5 st project is located in Neve Tzedek neighborhood which was the first official Jewish neighborhood outside of the route of Jaffa walls. The neighborhood was founded in 1887,
The project is a modern luxury project that was converted by the entrepreneur to a projects with conservation nature by using wooden doors and shutters that are typical to the neighborhood, and elements that are typical to the era in interior design, that include flooring from concrete tiles.
The windows, shutters, exterior doors, interior doors and all the accessories are Noga Nagarut. Designed for prestige houses, conservation buildings and entrepreneurs that want meticulous design look.
The products are imported from Europe, with high quality without any compromises.
Nitzana st. no. 11 TLV

Neve Tzedek properties Tel Aviv
Entrepreneur: Osnat Damari
Architect: Paz Gersh
Management & Execution: Stela Projects LTD.
photographer: Gilad Radar