48 Selma

The building on Selma Street, corner of Ben Atar, located in the heart of the industrial area and the workshops, also known as the “Rooms” gallery building, is one of Jaffa’s rare treasures. Those with a keen eye will notice some arched windows, the remains of a marble balcony and an impressive wooden cornice that indicate a more glorious past. At the entrance is a narrow corridor leading to the interior of the building through arched spaces and stone steps, passing into a large and illuminated space whose ceilings are mostly painted where a hidden palace is hidden. Dating to the beginning of the nineteenth century belonged to the Al-Sayyid family, one of the most important and influential in Jaffa, a family of governors and leaders among its descendants Assem Beck Al-Sayyid, is the mayor of Jaffa from 1938-1919 whose name and actions are related to the development .

Noga Nagarut restores the windows in the historic structure while paying attention to every detail, which uniquely combines the pinnacle of technological advancement and the preservation of the special character of the original building.

Noga Nagarut Nitzana 11 Tel Aviv
Architect: Naor Mimar
Contractor: Arco