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40 Balfour St

The Risha Rozen house at 40 Balfour Street was built in 1931. It was since renovated and restored with an addition of three floors. Emphasis was placed on architectural elements like columned balconies, horizontal strips of Silicate bricks and window openings.
Noga Nagarut created the wooden windows and shutters made of Meranti wood, painted in a specialized paint that withstands moisture, soot and radiation. The windows were glazed and have a decibel reduction rate of 36dB.
Hidden hinges, the shutter opening mechanism and the opening metal cast handles were all authentically replicated.

Entrepreneurs: Chana Noyman by Eyal Silman
Legal Representation: Eyal Silman
Architecture and Management: Elisha Robin Architects Ltd.
Building Engineer: Mazok Engineers Ltd.
Inspection: Rotlevy Shlomo
Executive Contractors: Shagrawi Leibowitz Construction Ltd.

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