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19-21 Hashuk St

The house at 19-21 Hashuk Street is part of the “Commercial Center” neighborhood established following the Jaffa riots in 1921 to allow the merchants of Tel Aviv to feel safer.
The neighborhood created an enclosed Jewish trade center with residential buildings, designed by architect Yosef Tischler.
The neighborhood was set on a triangle of the streets Jaffa, HaAliya and Volfson, with lower two-story houses and commercial buildings all placed in one area.
The growth of Tel Aviv gave the center its commercial character and retained its modest and simple design. The building didn’t go through any exterior changes – However, in 1934 the interior and commercial floor were renovated.
Noga Nagarut restored the modest elements that gave the street its unique character, with roll-up shutters, insulated windows, triplex glass vitrines and a specialized locking system for the commercial ground floor.

Architect: Tami Elinav
Contractor: D-Etgar
Project Manager: Gadi Hajbi

Noga Nagarut in the manufacture of doors, windows and wooden blinds that blends in style and color and complements the overall appearance of the building.

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