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10 Hahashmal St

The corner building at 10 Hahashmal St. in Tel Aviv features multiple extravagant styles; unique windows adorned with arches that were restored in their original color, as well as beautiful wing shutters that correspond with the wooden doors facing the balcony. The hinges for both the doors and windows were also cast to be authentic replicas of the originals to ensure the authenticity of the restoration.
The entryway is decorated with engravings in different shades of natural wood. One grand light fixture we’ve restored from the buildings’ glamorous past gives it a romantic finishing touch.

Entrepenurs: Property Owners of 10 Hahashmal St.
Inspection: Rotelvy Engineering
Architecture: Nitza Szmuk Architects
Head Architect: Roey Fabian
Construction: Ya’akov Gutman
Executive Contractor: Shagrawi Leibowitz Construction Ltd.
Windows, doors and shutters: Noga Nagarut

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