Wooden Windows

The restoration process starts with an old rickety wooden window or a plan from the early 20th century in a restoration file at the municipality archives.

We start off with research – How do we locate the remnants of the original window? What type of wood was the window made of? What type of lock did it have? What type of handles and stoppers? When we have the data, we begin the restoration process.

Firstly, we pick out the best type of wood for the climate, the structure of the window itself, the needs of modern urban residents and the demands of the architect.

Our carpenters get the plans and measurements and the process begins, with a flawless finish – each and every window is hand crafted to achieve optimal results.

Our exclusive painting process includes seven coats of water based paint to allow the wood to absorb the paint and achieve a uniform look. Our paint is environmentally friendly and does not contain any toxins.

Every window has a handle that we meticulously restore in bronze casting using the mold from the municipality’s archives. Each building has a different handle that corresponds with its style.

Most restored buildings from the 1930’s gave the window handles a more coquet, artistic touch to make up for the simpler, cleaner Bauhaus style of the buildings themselves.

The new wooden window looks identical to the 1930’s original – However, it was made with more durable materials fit for the local climate with paint that won’t fade or peel.