Villa in the center

Noga Nagarut provides a unique look and character for buildings and houses with wooden windows and doors.

Noga Nagarut in the manufacture of a sliding wooden shutters system in a private villa in the center of the country.

The shutter system consists of fixed parts, parts of harmonica openings, a raised shutter, and sliding shutters. The system is suspended from above and has a heavyduty system – made of mirnti wood from the Mahogany wood family.

Exterior doors Interior doors and accessories are designed for luxury homes and buildings to be preserved and adapted to Israeli weather conditions, as well as strict international standards

Noga Nagarut, Nitzana 11 Tel Aviv

Architect: Tomer Harary with Michael Kogan

Supervision: Shachar & Roy Supervision and Project Management Ltd.

Skeleton contractor: Saleh and Mahmoud

Illustrations: Ando-Studio