Our Wooden Doors

The front door of the house reflects the houses’ identity before even meeting its tenants, and hints at their personal style and tastes.
Restored doors from the White City (Old Tel Aviv) were lost over the years – Some were damaged and neglected. During the restoration process we’ve come across doors in Tel Aviv that were truly works of art.

The first stage in the restoration of the door is picking out the wood – The wood is hand-picked by our factory’s’ experts to fit the requirements of the building both in form and for any specific needs – Such as acoustics, thickness and weight of the door as well as glass features. The doors are then hand-crafted, paying attention to the little details, carvings and different types of wood.

When the carpentry is finished, the door is then transferred to be painted in our exclusive painting method – Each door is treated against pests before being painted in an even, opaque paint in the desired color.

The final stage after painting is adding the handles, fitted according to the doors’ style or an existing sample. The handles are cast in bronze with a special mold custom made for the door. We also add the right type of lock according to the doors’ style and the clients’ order.