Noga manufactures everything for your project

At Noga Nagarut we manufacture a variety of items according to your requirements at our factory in Europe – Windows, lintels, wooden shutters, doors and handles.

The factory is located in an area with the finest oak trees in Europe. Other than the forest, the factory includes any and all necessities such as sawmills, ovens, storage facilities, a production department, a painting area and a packaging area.

Our factory has over 240 workers working two shifts to make sure we’re on schedule and provide our clients with products on time. The factory follows the strict standards of the European Union with regular quality assessments to ensure the best quality products.
Our glass is brought from France, our rubber seals from Austria, our hinges and affixes are custom made per request in Europe and our shutter motors are made by the best shutter manufacturer in the world, SOMFY.
Our engineers ensure that we consistently produce a high quality product that fits any and all standards and requirements.