Our Environmental Standards – Wooden Windows

At Noga Nagarut we believe protecting the earth is of utmost importance. We use specialized techniques to utilize every piece of wood as much as possible and avoid waste of this vital, dwindling resource. To maximize utilization we cut the wood into thin slices and attach them to each other with environmentally friendly glue.
The slicing process allows us to monitor the use of the wood and carefully inspect the condition of the trunk, including moisture levels and interior condition to avoid cracks.
Our preservatives and pesticides are all considered environmentally friendly. Our wood is grown within a 50 km radius from the factory and allows us to minimize the use of trucks for transportation. Our painting process is made up of seven coats of paint to protect the wood and penetrate it with environmentally friendly water based and chemical free paint. The paint isn’t volatile, preventing damage to the ozone.
Water based paint is better for the wood and absorbs uniformly in comparison to more harmful turpentine based paint.