9 Bialik St. – Beit Gross

This house stands out even in an already unusual environment. Architect Philip Huett combined different elements to create an eclectic style.
The building was recently restored and purchased by a British family. A few families lived in it and over the years, it became a townhouse.
At the time, the ground floor was home to the local publishing house “Am Sefer”. Among the many local influential thinkers to come by were A.B Yehoshua, Professor Ben-Ami Sharpstein and Amos Oz.
Noga Nagarut restored the wooden windows and shutters. Unique local elements like Menchalach and Karmonim (traditional local types of stoppers and handles) cast in bronze gave the building an authentic 1930’s look.

Restoration Architecture: Bar Orian Architects
Original Architect: Pinchas (Philip) Huett, 1928
Management and Inspection: Efrati Madpis
Executive Contractor:  שגראוי ליבוביץ בניה בע"מ
Windows and shutters: Noga Nagarut